Chapter One:  Nearly Lunch
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Chapter Two: I Must Be Nuts
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Chapter Three: Two For The Road
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Chapter Four: So-Called Civilized.
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Chapter Five: I'm Her What?
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Chapter Six: The Only Truth I Know Is You
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Chapter Seven: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
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Chapter Eight: In Whose Real World?
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Chapter Nine: Two Girls For Every Boy?
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Chapter Ten: Do You Believe In Magick?
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Chapter Eleven: Present and Past, Light and Dark.
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Chapter Twelve: And You May Ask Yourself-Well...How Did I Get Here?
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Chapter Thirteen: Well I've Been Around Here For Way Too Long
It's Really Time To Go
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Chapter Fourteen: And girls in black robes were dancing around

Chapter Fifteen: Magickal Mystery Tour


Chapter Sixteen: You Say Goodbye And I Say Hello


Chapter Seventeen: They Might Be Giants


Chapter Eighteen: But I Came Back Again


Chapter Nineteen: When I Get Home